Thursday, June 18, 2015

Zombie Hat Lady Time Flies

Hello everyone!  I have a special post today for you I wasn't supposed to post today... but yesterday I finally finished my altered piece of furniture a Jewelry box that's fairly big and was perfect for my craft room....   Perfect except for the colors lol So what's special about this post?!?  Well I'm taking over on the Sparkle and Glitter as well to post part of this piece because I used a nice side and a not so nice side with the passage of time as my inspiration.  So if you want to see the other part of it you have to go to this post.

 For the make on this blog I used a few digis  I wanted something that would remind people of the  February Violet which is on the nice side so I used Zombie Hat lady  I made her with similar colors but in a more faded tone since she's very much DEAD.  I used initially the great Zombie face on the middle drawer but after sharing the pictures with Rick he came out with a fab new design for me!!!!  YAY I'm sure that it will be in the store if you ask :)  And it's called Time Flies.  It was the perfect digi for the in between.

So here are the before and the after painting of the furniture piece. You can see that it wasn't really much of a reflection of me the before....

That distressing was a new technique for me... I wanted a crackled finish and used some glue to make it.  What I didn't realize at the time is that when the piece is standing up it makes a huge puddle of goo at the end.... so the front drawers came out better than the side....
 But I wasn't discouraged I reapplied some paint in pale lavender and used some Deco Weathered wood for the crackle it came out nice but was too light.... so I used some watered down black acrylic paint on top to make it darker.

After doing this I realized that I should have put the time higher up.... but it was already done oh well lesson learned.
Here's the initial version for the front.  I thought it looked pretty awesome as well
But I'm loving the next version a lot more!  What do you think?!?

I'm really loving how this piece came up!  Very different from my usual makes   Now don't forget to check out the Sparkle and Glitter blog for the other part and my blog for more details.

Hope you like my inspiration. Check out all the other fabulous images in the Zibbet store or in the Etsy store!

Have a fabulous Thursday!!!!


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DonnaMundinger said...

Fabulous Vicky! The new image you used on the front is perfect for the two side. How fun and creative (and all too true! LOL) xxD

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