Thursday, June 11, 2015

De Bokkerijder

The first time I heard of the legend of the bokkerijders (Buckriders) I was 9 or 10 and I read about them in a comic book called Suske and Wiske. (yah Dutch so I don't a lot of readers will know about it). Anyway Buckriders are thiefs they made a pact with the devil and they rode on flying goats through the sky. (read about it here)

A few years later an attraction in the Efteling was based on this legend (see here),

In Zuid Limburg (the most southern part of the Netherlands, the part that sticks out between Belgium and Germany) are some monuments to rembember the people that were believed to be Bokkerijders and  were executed ( a lot like witch hunts),  There is some more info here, sorry in Dutch but maybe Google translate can help out if you are interested.

Sooo I asked Rick if he could draw a Bokkerijder and he did. I think it turned out awesome and has some nice Dutch style houses, which look inspired by Anton Pieck (he designed the Efteling and has some awesome darker images), so I tried to colour it in the style Anton Pieck would do, I love his drawings of night time scenes, I love the colours he uses to ge a bit gloomy athmosphere in his work.

Sorry for the long story, thought to explain a bit bout this image and the why I used the colours I used :-)

The background is made using the Gelliplate the paint used is Americana Acrylic paint by Deco Art (colours used:True blue, Red Alert, Titanium White, Lavender and Lilac)  The quote is written using Glass Paint markers in White and Black). The image is called "de Bokkerijder"and can be found here, also check out the awesome new skulls in Zibbet here and here  , If you are looking for a fathersday image, the new "Blokes"images are perfect

here a closer look at the image, it's coloured using Faber Castell Polychromos

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DonnaMundinger said...

This legend is new to me. Hope they stay in The Netherlands. LOL Fabulous work, though. Love how you colored the image and the background has so much movement. Really cool! xxD

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