Thursday, March 19, 2015

Perfect the way I am ...

....  Good morning!  It's Deborah here with you this morning.  If you follow our sister blog - Sparkle and Glitter - you will have seen that I've been making a series of elegant Hat Lady cards.  Today's card is another Hat Lady, but she's being shown here as she's not quite alive!  In fact she's a zombie!  A very elegant zombie though:

Perfect - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

You can find full details of this card on my blog here.  This wonderful lady is called Zombie Hat Lady and you can find her at Rick's Zibbet shop.  Did you know that there are over 1000 digital images at Rick's Zibbet shop - lots to suit all tastes from cute to very dark!    Here's a close-up (out of focus to show the sparkle) of this lovely zombie showing all her fabulous sparkle:

Perfect detail - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

I know that she's a zombie and I could have made her really dark, but I decided that she should keep an air of elegance - albeit with somewhat grubby clothes and bits of flesh falling off!!!  She fits in very well with my series of Hat Lady cards - check them out here.

That's all for now - see you soon.

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