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31 days of Halloween day 24 with Rick

Welcome to day 24  of the 31 days of Halloween organized by Smeared and Smudged,
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Today we have a special feature from Rick, himself:

Hi , Today I was asked to share some work from my students that I teach at The Center O C.

I was fortunate to win a grant to support the classes from THE KENNETH A PICERNE Foundation, a wonderful company that supports the arts in Orange and North San Diego Counties.

It has been so gratifying for me to have a group of wonderful folks from early 20's to 75 years young, many of whom have never held an artists brush or used watercolours or acrylics.

We were asked by The Center O C to participate in the annual BOO BOWL fundraising event; each group decorates a faux pumpkin-the pumpkins are sold at silent auction with the proceeds going to The Center-the group whose entry garners the highest bid amount gets treated to a Pizza Party.

My Art group is decorating 3 pumpkins-one for the Tuesday Art Class, One for The Thursday Workshop and one for the Tuesday Morning Senior social (since they didn't have anyone willing to do one for them.

Its hard to get good pictures because of poor lighting but one of my students "RON" is an accomplished photographer and he took the shots I am sharing with my little digital camera.

We also finished late on some items so Vaughn used her phone for the last minute shots.

Here are some shots of the "SCENIC" pumpkin we did. This was worked on by Ted Mowry who did much of the major blocking in of the "folk art" scene-once Ted had worked on it for several days I added some details like the cornfield with the scarecrow and most of the figures of witches and goblins etc-we have a great time working together on things-at times 3 or 4 people will contribute to one project!

 We almost have a running joke-Ted will work on a project just so long and then he will hand it across the table to me saying, "Ok Rick, do your magic."

I try to make sure that my magic wand is not always available and sometimes I do make them finish things themselves.

Next we have The ZENTANGLE Pumpkin - the original ides was to have each student do a section but as we progressed it became obvious that such a route would be almost impossible so Vaughn who had started the Zentangle pumpkin handed off to me-I added some large motifs -she connected them with intricate Zentangle designs and finally I added some colour washes-Judy varnished it and added some sparkles-I think this is my favorite of the three projects!!! Thanks to Vaughn for her hard work!

The pumpkin was painted with Buttermilk Americana Acrylic-the lobe work was done with various Sharpies and the colour was added with watered down washes of various Americana Acrylics from Deco Art.

We also did a Hallowen Monster Pumpkin which was passed around between Ted, Alberta, Myself and others-Ted did the traditional Witch, Iadded ghosrs and goblins and Alberta did the rest.

We also decided to hand paint some MASKS-I figured that at an event such as this some people will not want to wear a costume so they will feel left out-so if we have some fun masks they can grab one at the party and help support the programs at The Center!

Ted Mowry's "broken Doll" and a scenic mask:

Judy's Wisteria Mask that she and I worked on together-its encrusted with pink and purple rhinestones and her swirl mask-this is Judy's personal style and people love it-we haven't got the rhinestones on this one yet:

 Ron is still working on his mask which is a combination of hand drawn Zentangle shapes and stamping using one of the images from my MORTE set by SMEARED AND SMUDGED:

 Here's a couple I did with folk art roses and tendrils-we added a few stones just for a bit of sparkle (everyone wants to sparkle at a Halloween party).

This one is BLACK and the next one is Venetian Gold

On Thursday Alberta, Judy, Leah and Vaughn all really pitched in and we got a huge amount done.

Judy on beads, Vaughn on Zentangle Pumpkin, Alberta doing various motifs on the folk art pumpkin-Leah lending moral support-I just painted projects as fast as I could to get things finished up.

Here are some pics from Thursday:

Alberta showing the vampire, mummy and ghosts she freehanded onto the folk art pumpkin

The wonderful traditional witch is by TED and Rick did the Halloween spirit

Judy rhinestoneing away with her tweezers

One side of the zentangle pumpkin which Vaughn has done most of-we are adding some light transparent washes to "pop" some of the larger motifs

Vaughn shows off the Harvest pumpkin mask complete with cornstalks and an owl
That's RON's silver mask laying on the table

Wayne Petit did all of the foundation work on this Zombie I just added to gory gashes-I think its very successful-the red areas are varnished with triple thick glass while the rest is matte finish-That makes the wounds looks "wet" - Judy added some tiny stones in red and Zombie green that give a subtle twinkle that really brings the project alive

Ron's mask after being worked over by Myself, Donna and others:

Finally a great original design by Zavis

and a sparkling beauty by JUDY

I will report back after the event and let everyone know how it all came out.

All of these projects are painted with DECO ART AMERICANA products:
Premium Acrylics, Craft Twinkles, Metallic, Triple Thick and Matte Varnish.

The masks came from AMAZON and were pre-primed in matte white-the pumpkins are the Faux Foam type that can be "carved" and were originally orange.

For more information about Rick's classes at THE CENTER O C you can visit his Artist Outreach Blog HERE.

The ART classes at The Center O C are open to adults interested in exploring their artistic talents and are held Tuesday and Thursday afternoons- in 2015 it is hoped that classes may be expanded to 3 times a week including one evening class.

If you would care to make a tax deductible contribution to this worthwhile program please contact The Center O C HERE.

Enjoy the hop and we will see you tomorrow!


Monique Van dijk said...

these are all so awesome I wouldn't know which one is my favorite. Whish I could see them IRL
you guys are all so talented. Fabulous work on the pumpkins and the mask. so fun to see all different styles and so glad you all were willimg to share this on the RSD EDT blog.
big dutchie hugs to all :-)

Catz said...

All of these pieces are amazing!! I'd give anything to have a couple of those masks hanging in my art room..I LOVE masks!! Looks like a great time!

Boo52 said...

WOW - everyone of the pieces are fantastic - good luck at the BOO BOWL.

DogsMom said...

On a day when I have places to be and am zooming through the hop you bring me to a DEAD stop! I have to return because I want to pin everything!
You were not the lucky one to get a grant, THEY are the fortunate ones to get your time and talent. I am sure your other artists and participants could not believe their luck to work with you.
Great items for a good cause.

applejack cards by sue said...

My goodness these are stunning! So much care taken with the beautiful artwork and colours and gems. Really well done all of you!

NanB said...

Rick, I have just "met" you and your awesome work and challenges of which I joined #24 last night and am soo proud that I got the courage to do it! This is an awesome thing you are doing with these can see the satisfaction on their faces and the art you all are accomplishing is jaw dropping beautiful! Kudos to you for this effort and to your students who obviously worked extremely hard together to pull off a staggering amount of work!! Best of luck with the event!

(AJ) ArtJypsy said...

WOW. These are some fantastic pieces. Thankfully they are faux pumpkins and will keep for a long time to come. And The masks are fabulous as well. Love them all.

TangledBlueRose said...

Outstanding results it is all gorgeous. Most moving is the giving back and encouraging people to play and be expressive! Great wonderful stuff, love it and thanks so much for sharing!

Rebecca pettit said...

you are a truly talented artist. these are beyond wonderful. I love how you did the green mask with the "guts" showing. totally fab

Aletha J. Williams said...

What a talented group of students and a very creative and talented instructor. Great job everyone. The pumpkins are just amazing, but I am leaning towards the masks as being my favorites. Remarkable!

Christine Kiehl said...

WOW! This was the BEST post of the day I'm happy to say! What a collaboration of talents in one place! Those pumpkins are to die for! Thank you for sharing so much! I am blown away in awe!

Rick said...

Just wanted to pop in and say a big THANKS SO MUCH to all who have left such nice comments-This is such a worthwhile program and I am so grateful to The Kenneth A Picerne Foundation, DECO ART, The Art Supply Warehouse and The Center O C for making this possible-It is humbling to work with such a diverse range of people from 18 to 75 some of who have never help a paintbrush or attempted anything artistic beyond a doodle-watching them bloom has been such a HUGE blessing to me and has only brought positive energy to my life. Again THANKS and enjoy the hop...

DonnaMundinger said...

WOW, Amazing! What a talented group you have and I love that the projects were so collaborative. I'm sure you beam lie a proud Papa, Rick! Fabulous! I'm blown away. xxD

Leigh S-B - The Sharpie Domino Queen said...

WOWZA, they're all so SPOOKTACULAR! I too think the masks are my favourite!

Ellis said...

Fabulous creations, sounds like an amazing class! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Susan Renshaw said...

Totally awesome projects! Love the tangling!

Julia said...

Oh my!!! Love the pumpkins and those masks are so beautiful. very talented group of artist!!! Awesome.

Deborah Frings said...

Wow! These pumpkins are absolutely amazing. I do wish I could see them for real. Love the masks too! Great work!

Sarah Bales Strom said...

What an amazing group of pumpkins and masks! This must be so much fun, to see people's natural artistic talents blossom in this wonderful way!

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

I think all the projects are amazing. A talented group of artists you have there Rick xxx

Steph said...

All three projects are just breathtaking, I could spend hours looking at all the fabulous details. What a talented group of artists!

~Lady B~ said...

WoW! The pumpkins and Masks are Amazing! I love all the intricate details and the fabulous colours! Great paint work and fantastic use of those DecoArt products!

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