Saturday, September 6, 2014

Potions and Lotions

I think this is a wonderful addition to the creepy images... what could be more fitting than a crushed skull and bottles of potions and lotions! Oh, and those eyeballs of course. In fact really all that was needed was a nice hot, strong cup of tea to balance on the potion books. Garibaldi anyone? 
Again neenah paper and promarkers. Papers and backgrounds built in CA2. For more details please visit my blog. Sue x


Theresa said...

I have asked this in several places on the net and never gotten an answer. How do you print your digital images so they don't smear when you are coloring them? I would love to try them but need to know what else I have to have to get started. Love how you color everything and would like to give this a try. Any suggestions would be welcome. thanks as always for sharing.

applejack cards by sue said...

Hi Theresa, I always use neenah paper in just a normal printer, choosing 'matt photo' option. I colour with promarker pens and I just make sure I don't saturate the paper. If I can help you further please just visit my blog and I will do what I can to help. Sue x

Rick St. Dennis said...

Most digi designers will tell you to use a good ink in your printer, print on good paper and let the image "cure" for about 24 hours before colouring. If you use pencils the image doesn't smear of course even with mineral spirits for blending-Alcohol markers will smear almost anything but I have found a weird fix with a product I happen to love anyway-if you MIST the printed sheet with Deco Art Americana Matte spray sealer finisher and let it "cure" for about 4 hours you wan't have any problems with your ink smearing but again be sure your image is printed on a good paper like NEENAH-very few people use plain copy paper to create papercrafts.
Hope this helps??

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