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31 days of Halloween day 6 with Rick

Welcome to day 6 of the 31 days of Halloween organized by Smeared and Smudged,
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Airless Chambers is also a Cryptkeeper in the Halloween countdown 2013, for the complete list of 192 Cryptkeepers joining the countdown to Halloween, see link here

First off-I have NEWS!!!

Aletha Jane turned me onto ZIBBET - sort of like ETSY but much less expensive and although they don't have a download feature yet what they do have is the ability for me to list EVERYTHING-I have so much that is NOT online because I can't afford the listing fees-AND they have an unlimited section tool-ETSY only allows 10 sections so its not easy to catalog and organize my images so that its easy for you to find what you're looking for-At Zibbet I can have as many sections as I want and when you click on the section you get ONLY the images in that section so you don't have to plow through a bunch of images that aren't what you wanted.

I am still working on the site and it probably wont be fully "up" till the end of the week but I do hope you will stop by and take a look-ALSO its ALL paypal-but I am keeping ETSY for now-I know that many of you are regulars and you like both the download and the direct checkout I just have to do something to generate SALES...Normally this is my busy time and this past weekend was pretty dismal with virtually no sales to speak of.

And now, a DECO ART - Glass Painting tutorial-I hope you enjoy it!

Americana gloss enamels are wonderful to work with and are opaque.

They will adhere to glass and glazed ceramic, come in a wide variety of mixable colours and are dishwasher safe when home oven “cured”.

This link is a “Tips and Tricks video “ from Deco art and will tell you how to prepare your glass surface.

This link has a great tip to get a fine line with glass paint liners.

And finally, a general product info video to help fill you in about this product line.

I wanted to do a simple but effective Halloween GRAVEDIGGER, Undertaker type design on some glass mugs so AMERICANA GLOSS ENAMELS are the perfect product.

I am doing a freebie on this pattern because it will never be sold; it will also print watermarked so you can only use it as a pattern for this purpose. SORRY.


I used a drafting tape style masking tape to tape my design INSIDE the glass piece that way its easy to trace on the pattern with a paint marker, glass marker or paint writer using BLACK.

Once your black outline is finished and DRY (I wait at least one hour or more on a warm, dry day to fill in my colours) you ca start painting in the design colour book style.

You will notice I did a bit of on surface blending and I mixed some colours- I will do my colour list showing all the colours you COULD use to paint in this pattern first:

DECO ART Glass Stan Black Leading Deco Art AMERICANA Gloss Enamels Citron Green , Foliage Green, Avacado True Red, Lavender, VIVID VIOLET Bright Orange, Primary Yellow, Tuscan Red White, NATURAL BUFF

Start by painting in the face area with the CITRON GREEN add some Foliage green and Avacado to do the shading-ALSO do the green stripes in the Har band at this time and when satisfied let dry for about 15 minutes. NOTE: Refer to the colour painting pattern-I added some highlights to give the face more form use the light green with white to create this layer but it is not mandatory.

The bow ties is Bright Orange with a little Tuscan Ted add white or Natural Buff to get the brighter colour when the tie is finished use the end of your brush to do dip dot polka dots on the tie in Vivid Violet. Use the Vivid Violet mixed with a touch of Lavender to paint the purple stripes in the hat band.

Again and in all future steps allow to dry between colour groups for about 15 minutes.

Mix a slate/Graphite grey using black and white-paint the top hat and brim-while the paint is wet work in a lighter grey to do the highlights- You can also use calypso Blue mixed with white to make the cool reflected highlight on the left side of the hat and brim.

The collar and teeth are Natural Buff highlighted with white.
Refer to the colour pattern also for some highlights and soft shadows,,,

If you paint a set of 6 or 8 in rotation the paint has its drying time while you move between glasses-you might also want to do a set of dessert plates to match-dessert plates need to be done in a technique called REVERSE GLASS PAINTING so you reverse the pattern and tape it face down on the FRONT of the plate then turn over and begin with the dark lines on the back and REVERSE the painting instructions allowing drying time between steps.

This means you will paint highlights and shadows FIRST and work backwards towards base coats.

I also have a series of pattern packets specifically done for glass paints and covering all seasons and Holidays exclusively available from ALLTHUMS.COM:

They also sell my decorative painting books and other pattern packets-located in Canada-be sure to tell owner MARY WILSON where you heard about her site.

Happy Hopping everyone and I will see you in a few days…Monique is up tomorrow and I am back on the 13th.


DogsMom said...

Very informative post. I will return to click and reread and pay closer attention after I get through todays blogroll. But all very interestiong.
Thank you

DonnaMundinger said...

Love the way this turned out, Rick! Always wanted to try doing this but didn't know where to start. Thanks for the tut and links. xxD

Caffeinated Joe said...

Very nice! Will have to check out that Zibbet site, too!

Lyneen said...

Spooky undertaker!!! Love your coloring technique! Thanks for sharing all the color details!

maureenjscott said...

Fabulous design Rick! Off to have a nosey at the Zibbet! mo x

silvia said...

LOVE your mug!!!!

Kelli said...

Awesome, thanks for all the info!!

Sharon Sahl said...

Super tutorial - thanks for all of the info! And thanks for the undertakers face! Wow, I can't say enough - the mug is wonderful!!

Carla said...

Totally amazing....the colors on glass are so are so creative! I am off to check out the new place!

ldfdesign said...

Oh how freaking cool! Thanks for the tutorial. Love this!

monique said...

love the mug, looks great!!

Leigh S-B - The Sharpie Domino Queen said...

Totes wicked cool glass painting! Awesome job! I haven't painted on glass for a few years now and I've now got the itch big time, gonna needs some new paints now I'm sure LOL!

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

The mug looks awesome Rick, going to have to give this a go now - some time soon ;)

Emily Thubbron said...

Rick, this is phenomenal. I love the idea of using a stamp to paint on glass. Never thought of that. Great job.

KC said...

this is great! I'd love to make one of these....oh how fun this would be for a christmas gift for the hubs!

Wendy said...

What a great mug...haha! Another wonderful him! Great project and tutorial. Thank you!

Matney said...

Very cool. Have never tried to paint on class, just stamp. Looks fun and TY so much for all the links and info. Nice that it is dishwasher safe. Gorgeous mug and wonderfully unique.

Steph said...

Cool mug, thanks for the description too. New site sounds cool, will have to check it out :)

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