Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Franken Light

As soon as I saw the gruesome face of the MONSTER digital image in Rick's Etsy Store I knew I had to put him somewhere in my Halloween decor.
 But not before I received a lesson on Franky from a friend who is up on all things monsterish. The monster is not Frankenstein  - the scientist who created him is Frankenstein. 

Victor (the scientist) is obsessed with studying outdated theories of science that focus on achieving natural wonders.
At university, he excels at chemistry and other sciences, and develops a secret technique to imbue inanimate bodies with life. Victor constructs a reanimated creature we call Frankenstein but is actually referred to as "creature", "fiend", "demon" and "thing" in Mary Shelley's 1818 novel, Frankenstein.

Thus the reason our digital image is called Monster and not Frankenstein. I did not know this. Did you?? I guess Hollywierd put its own slant on the story and we ended up with a name mix up.

Mary Shelley, a woman wrote Frankenstein, the precursor to so much of the horror gender. I'd have loved a peek inside her mind. My kinda gal!

So to honor Frankenstein and his Monster I've "shed some light" on that legendarily creepy face with an illuminated lamp project.

If you would like to make this lamp I've put together a PDF for your convenience just click on the pic for download and printing. It will print out much better than it looks on Google Drive. Have fun!!

Click on the picture for download


Laurie Brown said...

Thank you for the download! I need to make a couple of these- I'm thinking all kinds of different pictures!

(I did know that the monster wasn't Frankenstein; read the book as a teen. Actually, it's apparent in the original movie, too, but it's a hard push against a whole cultural image of the monster being Frankie.)

Rick St. Dennis said...

wuw how generous of you to do a download sheet-thanks

Bast said...

Thanx so much for sharing this and for the PDF! I absolutely LOVE it!


~Lady B~ said...

Fabulous work and awesome tutorial! Thanks for the print out sheets as well. You rock!

Lisa M said...

Fan-'Frankin'-Tastic!!! This light is incredible. Wonderful idea and thanks for sharing the deets. :)

monique said...

Wow. Awesome. Great idea

Matney said...

Wonderful light!! Thank you so much for the tutorial. Will use with care and respect. Awesome!!

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