Sunday, August 11, 2013


It is with deepest regrets that I have to tell you I am suspending freebies on my blogs due to PINTEREST and those who use it to steal and share images.
Literally every freebie I have shared along with other images stolen from I BRAKE FOR STAMPS and other locations has found its way to Pinterest where it becomes virtually impossible to track down ALL the pinners.
Pinterest will remove the images at the site your report but not the various offshoot pins even though they track these pins and know who is on the pin string. I will continue to send freebies to my email fan list and the monthly challenges on my blogs will be based on those images.
In order to enter challenges you will have to be an email list subscriber-the challenges will still be help on Airless Chambers and Sparkle and Glitter.
Again, I am sorry to have to take this step; I’m sure many of you know that I love to share my images and have sent out MANY images free but this does not mean they are free to just anyone or that because they were free they can be shared.
I am not in great health and live, like many, on social security income-I have to supplement my income via my artwork-luckily I can still create, so income from my digis is VERY important to me.
People just don’t understand that pinning and sharing free images the way they do becomes stealing.
A very good example is this: My freebies tend to attract about 1,000 hits on my blog-I have never SOLD a thousand copies of any image but I have given away that many as people will grab anything that is free.
THREE CHIMENY COTTAGE was a free image on my blog then it was removed and went to my ETSY shoppe where it has been a very steady seller over the time it has been for sale-but how many sales have I LOST because the image was pinned and then REPINNED many times-like hundreds… This is just MY story there are many popular digi artists whose work is pinned ALL the time and as I said samples from IBFS of my images which were not watermarked were stolen and pinned as freebies again HUNDREDS of times.
When we confront the people who do this pinning they are usually cooperative but often just ignore any contact or worse are nasty and uncooperative and even spiteful and publish nasty comments on other social media sites or even their own blogs.
Thanks for your understanding and hopefully at some point I can go back to the monthly freebie on my blog.
PLEASE join the fight against image theft and let your friends know that sharing free images hurts the artist who shared that image in the first place.


Evil Edna said...

i am so sorry this has happened, I have brought from your estay shop and I have also used some of your freebies. I am so sorry that some people are asshats.EE

Keren Howell said...

Couldn't agree more. I have also purchased from you and love your work. Sorry some people just can't do what they're asked. Keren

Kay Mowat said...

I will never understand how people think this is ok. It is awful that this kind of thing is happening. You have my support 100%

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