Thursday, August 8, 2013

Coloring Desdemona: Hair and Eyes

Creepy Glowbugg here, with the wrap up on my coloring tutorials
for the beautiful RSD June freebie image, Desdemona.
In my previous tutorial here, I showed the versatility of skin tones,
and how they can completely transform an image.
Now I am going to show you how I color hair, makeup and eyes.
I have no formal or certified training with Copics. I just like to color.

I start out by using my darkest color, E09.
I try to fill in the darkest shadows of her hair.

Next is YR09. I use it for her next medium shade.
I basically just follow the shadows. 

Next is YR07. I just keep pulling the colors into the light.

YR04 for the lightest orange shade. 

Not sure why my scanner went so light, but I have added Y35 and Y38
for my lightest golden tones. 

Here she is with her eyes, flesh, and make up colored.  

And now for the eyes and make up.....  
I began with B04 for the darkest shadow of her iris. Her eyelid will cast the darkest
shadow at the top of her eye.

Next, I added B02.

And now, B01.

Lastly, I use B000 to blend all of the Blue shades together. 

I wanted a little more contrast, so I added B06 to darken up her
iris a bit more at the darkest point. 

Lastly, I used B66, B63, and B60 for her eye make up and lip color.
I also use the lightest skin tone (this one is E30) to blend it all out and make it
appear sorta natural despite the unnatural color choices.

Here are some other color samples using the very same techniques each time.
I used YRs for the purple version, RVs for the green gal, and BGs for the red chick. 

I used YG and V for the pink flesh tone, and V and RV for the blue/green flesh tone.

I hope you have found something I showed here today helpful. 
If you have any questions regarding this post, please email me directly at



monique said...

Looks great glow. I have never understood why anyone would need to becertified to color. I guess making people pay to get a certficate works. your coloring is awesome no cetificate needed
Hugs mo

monique said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rick St. Dennis said...

Thanks so much GLOW-appreciate you doing this wonderful TUT-know that you are missed...:-)

~Lady B~ said...

Fabulous tut! You are greatly missed indeed! I'm a huge fan of your coloring style :)

Miranda said...

fab tutorial Gloria, love all the different coloured faces

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