Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Creepmas is not just Seasonal

Hi folks, Helen/Croms here. A quick post, I just wanted to share my latest card with you and to prove that some of the Creepmas images are good for all occasions. In fact this can be applied to nearly all Rick's images.
This little beauty can be found in the Creepmas section of Rick's Etsy shop but it can be a wonderfully dark birthday image as well.
I bring you Dark Angel Sauvage.

I coloured the image in these colours to tie in with those in a challenge of which our very own Alison and Suzi are apart of. More details, are on my blog.


Miranda said...

gorgeous creation helen

Rick St. Dennis said...

I loved this when I first saw it and the card version is spectacular-I only put her in Creepmas because I am so limited on section names-I think she works all year

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