Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blog Hop run down

The blog HOPS begin in about a week (Dec 1, 2012)
On the official CREEPMAS blog hop you arrive at my blog from AEIOU AND SOMETIMES WHY and you will go next to BAT N' KAT
On OUR blog hope with the St Dennis EDT gang you start with ME and you move on to GLORIA (Creepy Glowbugg).
I will be publishing a full roster of participants before DEC 1-some members are doing all 13 days and some alternating days.
ALSO, Smeared and Smudged hopping ever other day thru Dec 23, 2012-you start at their BLOG but some of our members are going to be in there as well-so a little confusing but hey, it's creepmas...
Don't forget at Rick St dennis we are rolling out 26 new images one on MY blog here and the other on one of the 12 other blog particiapnts EVERY DAY for 13 days.
As always we have prizes-first be the person who discovers BOTH roll out images FIRST each day=post on the design team blog and MY blog when you find the two images-if you are the first to post on both blogs you will win BOTH images that day (so be sure to leave you email addy somewhere)-the person with the most DAILY wins at the end of the hop will get all tghe new images they didn't win along the way-so one person will have the whole set of 26 images-Thats a HUGE prize eh?
Above all have fun-Creepmas is not disrespectful-it started as a backlash at retailers who started rolling Halloween into stores in July so they could be moving it out and replacing it with Christmas mnerchandise in Early October---one didnt even get to enjoy Halloween before the Christmas Bells were ringing-when I was kid (in the days between the advent of dirt and white thread) we never saw Santa till AFTER Thanksgiving-I think it made things more exciting and the Holiday season had a rythem that was more laid back and Fall drifted leisurely into Winter-now it seems to be artificial snowing in July.
I want to thank all my EDT for participating and going above and beyond to do all the hops!!!


Bonnie said...

I think the new image is Creepmas alice that is on Monique's blog

Bonnie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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